Asus VG248QE Gaming Monitor Review: My Verdict!

Today marks the day as the end of 6 months that I have been using the Asus VG249QE gaming monitor. Here’s what I liked about this particular monitor, and the things I didn’t (that they don’t tell you about). Let’s get started! If you are out there looking for a brand new monitor to buy for the best gaming experience, you might like to consider the Asus VG248QE monitor which has been recently launched by the company. It is a huge screen gaming monitor that takes care of all your gaming requirements. It offers 144Hz refresh rate, full HD resolution, 1ms response time and what not.

The new Asus VG248QE measures 24 inches with 1920 x 1080 resolutions. In one look you will observe that it offers a lot crispier and clearer image when we compared to other similar monitors. There are a lot of ports as well that allow the user to connect it to consoles, PC etc. However, despite of all these impressive specifications, here we are with a complete review of this new gaming screen and after we tested the monitor for various aspects, here is what we found:

Asus VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Refresh Rate

You obviously expect great color variations and great viewing angles from a monitor and VG248QE is a display that is not going to disappoint you. The monitor picks a perfect road between the both and offers you great 144Hz refresh rate at a very cheap price. It maintains the smoothness during heavy gaming and there is no sign of stuttering and frame breaking at all.

Colour Contrast

It would be wrong to say that Asus VG248 QE offers the best colour sharpness among its competitors. But, it offers some great colours that go along with the performance that is very hard to resist. However, if you want a monitor for a really high gaming experience with excellent colours, you will have to compromise in that scenario if you go with this new monitor.

High FPS Gaming

Gone are those days when the games didn’t cross 60fps. The current games are so advanced and detailed that you need a monitor with at least 120fps rate to play them properly. Well, the 144Hz refresh rate is pretty good and the monitor is capable of processing and viewing the game frames smoothly. This much high refresh rate helps the player in performing the actions much precisely and without any delay, in the games. 144Hz refresh rate also eliminates the in-frame blurring and produces impeccable images.

Asus VG248QE Ultra Smooth Gaming Monitor

Inputs and Outputs

One awesome thing about this Asus monitor is that it comes with an HDMI port as well as a display port which can help you to crank up the existing frame rate. There is another Dul link DVI input which supports all the older cards. One back point is that there is no VGA port in the monitor. But you can easily take care of that problem by making use of a VGA adaptor.

Asus VG248 takes care of your audio needs as well. There are a couple of speakers on both side of the monitor which offer great stereo sound to your ears. But the speaker are only only 2W speakers, so you must not expect bass or loud sound from them. However, they are perfect for listening to soft music and watching movies and videos. There is also a 3.5 mm jack on the side for connecting earphones, headphones or speakers to the screen.

Additional Items

There is an adjustable stand that you get along with this Asus Gaming monitor. You can adjust the height as per your desire. The adjustable stand can move upward and downwards. You don’t have to worry about the viewing angles as they can also be adjusted easily. Obviously, such big screen is very hard to handle and adjust. It looks like Asus took care of this problem as well.

Gaming Performance

Until now, we discussed the various features that VG248 QE offers, but the screen is a beast in terms of performance as well. It pairs perfectly with various graphics cards and the high frame refresh rate kills all kinds of motion blur and tearing problems. The games run as they should, i.e. seamlessly. The only problem is with the colors which could have been vibrant which could have improved the viewing angles as well. But that is something we can adjust to at this price tag.


Asus has brought this monitor especially for gamers with superb refresh rate which will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Asus VG248 QE has all the required inputs, is solid, has a perfect adjustable stand, and what else would you ask from a 24-inch gaming monitor.

Asus could have added some more inputs and could have improved the color contrast but still, it is perfect for a high end gaming experience.

They’ll have Us at Hello: How an Art Collective will Revive Jerry Maguire

2017 is rearing to be quite a marvelous year for film buffs, as an art gallery in Los Angeles, California is set to hold an exhibit with the theme of an old school, 90’s video rental store. Here’s what makes it so interesting, though: it will only be carrying one title, which are VHS copies of “Jerry Maguire,” the iconic 90’s movie starring scientology poster boy Tom Cruise.

This show, which is the brainchild of art collective Everything is Terrible! – an art and comedy collective – is scheduled to hold the “Jerry Maguire” exhibit in the latter half of January 2017. iam8bit Gallery, which will house it, approximates the number of “Jerry Maguire” VHS to be somewhere around 14,000 copies. That is indeed a lot of Tom Cruise to start the year with! If you’re wondering where these copies came from, members of Everything is Terrible! spent about seven years acquiring copies of the movie in VHS format. And, in case you haven’t seen the classic yet, don’t worry! There’s an app for that. Just click here to get the updated application.

Not only that, the video store-themed show is only the beginning of the art/comedy group’s fixation with “Jerry Maguire”. The film, which also stars Renée Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr., has now become a classic, and according to one of the founders of Everything is Terrible!, they are even planning on building a literal “Jerry Maguire” pyramid in the future somewhere in the U.S.A.’s west coast. Talk about commitment!

If you’re wondering what the pyramid will look like, you’ll have to wait until next month, as its designs are scheduled to be revealed to the public by then. For now, the collective is working on efforts to raise funds for this ambitious (to say the least) project.

As for what Everything is Terrible! actually stands for, one of its founders say it’s somewhat alike to creating gourmet meals out of what the media is throwing at the viewers.  So, it’s much like finding some glorious, dirty gold from all the media muck.

The collective, which has its roots in the Los Angeles area, was founded in December of the year 2007 and is currently made up of five to seven artists. Aside from them, there are about 15 more members throughout the United States.

Their love for the Tom Cruise film – which became available for home video almost two decades ago – notwithstanding, the reason behind their approach to the art exhibit is due to the sheer numbers of the film produced in VHS format. And then, there’s the other reason that these large, rectangular plastic cartridges have achieved a status that makes it an apparently worthless thing these days. That’s about to change in January, though, as the video rental store show at iam8bit gallery will prove.

To the collective, “Jerry Maguire” has really become forgotten in people’s minds. The catchphrases, though, like “Show me the money!” are what they remember. And, much like how viewers lack the memory of the film’s plot, VHS tapes have become virtually useless in this day and age, so they decided to repurpose it. You can read more here.

Why Sodium Salts are the Best Water Softener

Most of the salts that are available for water softening are not efficient because they do not use strong positive ion in order to remove the hard minerals from the water. Most of the salts that you find in the supermarket which are also know by the name of solar salt contains potassium as its main ingredient. But potassium is very slow in softening the water. This is the reason why there are a lot more Sodium salts available in the market now days. You can make utilization of sodium chloride of potassium chloride which are additionally accessible under the name of K-Life and in addition Morton in a few zones. For more information move over to, our expert team website. Go to the homepage for water softener reviews to check the latest reviews of top brands by our experts.


Both of these sodium and potassium chloride construct water conditioner salts work with respect to the same guideline. When you pass the hard water through a water conditioner or when you blend the water conditioner salt with hard water, particle trade process happens. Both of the potassium or sodium salt will supplant the magnesium and calcium particles from the hard water, hence your water turns out to be free from concoction that makes it hard and less usable.

Why Sodium Salts?

The perspective we have here is that the client is utilizing water conditioner basically to expel hardness from water and can manage the cost of typical amount of sodium in their everyday diet as utilizing an excess of sodium as a part of water, and that too day by day can be unsafe for your wellbeing over the long period of time.

Be that as it may, a Sodium chloride water conditioner salt is much effective when contrasted with potassium chloride one. You may even need to utilize 30% more potassium than typical keeping in mind that the result that you will get from sodium chloride water conditioner salt will be similar to water softener setup but will require a little more effort.

Additionally, there is very little distinction in cost of both the salts. You likewise don’t need to pay much for these salts. The normal expense of potassium chloride salt pack is around $20 more than sodium salts. So why go for a costly one when you can find the more effective on at a much cheaper rate. Fleck is one of the best brands in the market. We highly recommend our readers to check top fleck water softeners for more details about Fleck products.

It is for the most part in view of the high cost of Potassium chloride water conditioner salt that it is not prescribed to the ordinary buyers.  Still, it won’t bring about you quite a bit of a damage. Also, in the event that you are deficient with regards to potassium in your body, it is inept to take a gander at such an option so as to satisfy the inadequacy of that mineral. You can undoubtedly get a considerable measure of potassium rich nourishment so as to do as such, which is of Couse way preferable thought when compared to sodium, if deficiency is the case.

A REVIEW: Top 5 Free Gaming And Movie Apps Of The Year

A while back, television networks had an unbelievably strong hold on the entertainment industry. As a result, TV networks providers used to exploit consumers for every penny they had. The reason for this was that the cost of delivering content to consumers was very high. As a result, small companies, even if they had good content had to work through the giant corporations. However, this trend has really changed over the past few years. This is primarily due to the invention of the internet. With the development of applications, one can stay entertained all from the comfort of their home.


This is one of the leading applications for home-based entertainment. It is one of the best options for streaming free content right from one’s hand-held device. The content available through this app is updated regularly. Showbox APK experienced initial hitches in the beginning but has since grown to be one of the best apps for entertainment from home.


Angry Birds

This is one of the most sensational apps to hit app stores. The application is available both on the android and apple stores. A simple game is challenging enough to keep one entertained. The game features multiple levels, which are a great way to stay entertained. The graphics are also of high quality. The game does not use many resources and will work well on almost any type of smartphone.

Movie HD

This is a great app for enjoying free entertainment. The only thing that is required is an internet connection. The app is available to use across a wide range of platforms. It features a wide variety of movie genres and series. All the content is updated regularly to keep viewers entertained. The application is definitely a great way to keep the family entertained. It also features the download option for those who wish to watch the movies on a later date.

Candy Crush

This game is an awesome way to stay entertained. It is beautifully designed and easy enough to understand. However, it is not so simple as to become boring. The game is especially a great way to keep kids entertained. The cool graphics should keep kids drawn to the game for long hours. Besides kids, adults will also find the game challenging enough to keep them entertained. The game is regularly maintained to ensure that it works well on almost all existing platforms.


Crackle TV is going momentum and has great shows

Crackle TV has high-quality movies for free (some adverts are shown)

This is undoubtedly one of the leading movie streaming apps today. As a result, the app has won the hearts of many viewers in search of an alternative source for content. This app is not globally available. For instance, the app will not work in Africa and Europe. Viewers can still access the app through VPN services. The app’s content is regularly updated to ensure that viewers are thoroughly entertained.

Wrapping it up

For those seeking a cheap alternative to cable and satellite TV, these apps are great options. They are beautifully designed and the backend is well maintained. Best of all is that they are dirt cheap compared to other methods of accessing content.