A REVIEW: Top 5 Free Gaming And Movie Apps Of The Year

A while back, television networks had an unbelievably strong hold on the entertainment industry. As a result, TV networks providers used to exploit consumers for every penny they had. The reason for this was that the cost of delivering content to consumers was very high. As a result, small companies, even if they had good content had to work through the giant corporations. However, this trend has really changed over the past few years. This is primarily due to the invention of the internet. With the development of applications, one can stay entertained all from the comfort of their home.


This is one of the leading applications for home-based entertainment. It is one of the best options for streaming free content right from one’s hand-held device. The content available through this app is updated regularly. Showbox APK experienced initial hitches in the beginning but has since grown to be one of the best apps for entertainment from home.


Angry Birds

This is one of the most sensational apps to hit app stores. The application is available both on the android and apple stores. A simple game is challenging enough to keep one entertained. The game features multiple levels, which are a great way to stay entertained. The graphics are also of high quality. The game does not use many resources and will work well on almost any type of smartphone.

Movie HD

This is a great app for enjoying free entertainment. The only thing that is required is an internet connection. The app is available to use across a wide range of platforms. It features a wide variety of movie genres and series. All the content is updated regularly to keep viewers entertained. The application is definitely a great way to keep the family entertained. It also features the download option for those who wish to watch the movies on a later date.

Candy Crush

This game is an awesome way to stay entertained. It is beautifully designed and easy enough to understand. However, it is not so simple as to become boring. The game is especially a great way to keep kids entertained. The cool graphics should keep kids drawn to the game for long hours. Besides kids, adults will also find the game challenging enough to keep them entertained. The game is regularly maintained to ensure that it works well on almost all existing platforms.


Crackle TV is going momentum and has great shows

Crackle TV has high-quality movies for free (some adverts are shown)

This is undoubtedly one of the leading movie streaming apps today. As a result, the app has won the hearts of many viewers in search of an alternative source for content. This app is not globally available. For instance, the app will not work in Africa and Europe. Viewers can still access the app through VPN services. The app’s content is regularly updated to ensure that viewers are thoroughly entertained.

Wrapping it up

For those seeking a cheap alternative to cable and satellite TV, these apps are great options. They are beautifully designed and the backend is well maintained. Best of all is that they are dirt cheap compared to other methods of accessing content.