They’ll have Us at Hello: How an Art Collective will Revive Jerry Maguire

2017 is rearing to be quite a marvelous year for film buffs, as an art gallery in Los Angeles, California is set to hold an exhibit with the theme of an old school, 90’s video rental store. Here’s what makes it so interesting, though: it will only be carrying one title, which are VHS copies of “Jerry Maguire,” the iconic 90’s movie starring scientology poster boy Tom Cruise.

This show, which is the brainchild of art collective Everything is Terrible! – an art and comedy collective – is scheduled to hold the “Jerry Maguire” exhibit in the latter half of January 2017. iam8bit Gallery, which will house it, approximates the number of “Jerry Maguire” VHS to be somewhere around 14,000 copies. That is indeed a lot of Tom Cruise to start the year with! If you’re wondering where these copies came from, members of Everything is Terrible! spent about seven years acquiring copies of the movie in VHS format. And, in case you haven’t seen the classic yet, don’t worry! There’s an app for that. Just click here to get the updated application.

Not only that, the video store-themed show is only the beginning of the art/comedy group’s fixation with “Jerry Maguire”. The film, which also stars Renée Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr., has now become a classic, and according to one of the founders of Everything is Terrible!, they are even planning on building a literal “Jerry Maguire” pyramid in the future somewhere in the U.S.A.’s west coast. Talk about commitment!

If you’re wondering what the pyramid will look like, you’ll have to wait until next month, as its designs are scheduled to be revealed to the public by then. For now, the collective is working on efforts to raise funds for this ambitious (to say the least) project.

As for what Everything is Terrible! actually stands for, one of its founders say it’s somewhat alike to creating gourmet meals out of what the media is throwing at the viewers.  So, it’s much like finding some glorious, dirty gold from all the media muck.

The collective, which has its roots in the Los Angeles area, was founded in December of the year 2007 and is currently made up of five to seven artists. Aside from them, there are about 15 more members throughout the United States.

Their love for the Tom Cruise film – which became available for home video almost two decades ago – notwithstanding, the reason behind their approach to the art exhibit is due to the sheer numbers of the film produced in VHS format. And then, there’s the other reason that these large, rectangular plastic cartridges have achieved a status that makes it an apparently worthless thing these days. That’s about to change in January, though, as the video rental store show at iam8bit gallery will prove.

To the collective, “Jerry Maguire” has really become forgotten in people’s minds. The catchphrases, though, like “Show me the money!” are what they remember. And, much like how viewers lack the memory of the film’s plot, VHS tapes have become virtually useless in this day and age, so they decided to repurpose it. You can read more here.

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